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Our mission:

To spread joy and sunshine through small gestures of happy mail.





From Bethany Givens, founder and owner of Sunshine Crate: 


The act of giving has always been a passion of mine. It brings me immense joy. It makes me smile knowing that I have brightened someone else's day. I believe that moments and milestones big and small deserve to be celebrated.  Turning my love for giving into a business for others to express their own kindness is heartwarming.



Life can get busy and being able to take the time to gather the kids, go to the store, and pick out the gift might not exist. It can be a hassle and time consuming. Even though you want to send that gift, it just doesn't happen.  Let's change that. Let's change the way you express love to your family and friends. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, congratulating someone, or simply showing you care, our collection can deliver the gift for you. You pick the crate and we'll do the rest. What are you waiting for? Send happy mail and be the reason someone smiles today!

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